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Taxation Assistant

Vanessa is a member of our tax and trust department with specialist experience in the administration and management of tax and trusts. She deals with the day to day practical aspects of managing a trust, such as dealing with the trust fund and liaising with stockbrokers, banks/building societies etc. in addition to fulfilling the trustees duty to prepare annual trust accounts. As well as annual trust and estate tax returns, Vanessa prepares self assessment tax returns for individuals and also tax repayment claims, in the main for minor beneficiaries of the trusts which she manages.

Vanessa’s aim is to always perform these services to a high standard in a courteous and approachable manner.

Vanessa’s Specialisms:

  • General administration and management of trusts which includes preparation of annual trust accounts and tax returns
  • Self assessment tax returns for individuals
  • Tax repayment claims for children including trust beneficiaries

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