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If you’re looking for a divorce lawyer based in Staffordshire, our team of family solicitors will be happy to act on your behalf. The team possesses high levels of empathy and experience and undergoes training to provide support to you and your family during difficult periods. 

The family and matrimonial solicitors in our Family Law Department have experience in dealing with separation and relationship breakdowns. We stay up-to-date with changes in the family law sphere to offer progressive expertise in a changing world.  

Bowcock & Pursaill’s family law solicitors understand the difficulties divorce presents on a personal level but also on a commercial level or to any business assets. 

Our one piece of family law advice would be: to aim to resolve your dispute amicably. Our legal experts always provide clear and sensible advice and are committed to negotiating the best possible financial settlement without the need for expensive court proceedings. Where an amicable settlement is not available, Bowcock & Pursaill can provide you with skilled advice and representation in Court. 

We see the importance of collaborative family law and the importance of cooperation and negotiation between two parties rather than litigation. In collaborative family law, both parties and their respective lawyers commit to working together to find mutually beneficial solutions outside of court. This approach encourages open communication, problem-solving, and the preservation of relationships. Collaborative law can help to remove lots of unnecessary stress.  

Lend a Legal Hand 

We know that a family breakdown can be an anxious and distressing time and the pressure of mounting legal fees can add unnecessary stress. That’s what made us create the Lend a Legal Hand scheme, designed to offer a range of fixed-fee services with a transparent pricing structure. 

We give you transparency, so you avoid any hidden fees.  

Our fixed fee is a cost-effective, personalised and transparent service that enables you to take control of your costs from the outset. 

It’s not just an empty promise designed to make you pay less at the beginning and more at the end. The Lend a Legal Hand transparency continues through to the end of your case. 

Our family law team believes that the legal process should be affordable and accessible and that everyone has a right to legal representation. We aim to deliver a satisfactory resolution in an agreed timescale, whilst maintaining excellent standards of client care. 

We offer fixed fees for uncontested divorces. If you are issuing a divorce (the Petitioner) our fee will be £840 (including VAT). In addition, there will be a Court fee which is presently £593. If you are the party against whom the undefended divorce has been issued (the Respondent) our fee will be £420 (including VAT). 

Adhering to the highest standards 

All services we offer match key standards. Our family law and divorce law services meet standards set by the Law Society with client confidentiality a priority. We deliver bespoke advice from highly specialised teams who will recommend a suitable course of action. 

Our lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience regarding a wide range of issues and handle these in a sensitive and understanding manner. They will provide you with a fixed fee for a particular service, explaining each stage in detail so that you fully understand what you are paying for, enabling you to quickly make an informed decision about whether and how you wish to proceed. 


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Founded in 1927, Bowcock & Pursaill has been our clients’ number one choice for solicitors in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire and Cheshire for almost 100 years. We also act on behalf of clients throughout the country.

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The firm prides itself on its customer service, offering detailed and bespoke advice to clients thanks to our small and highly specialised team of partners, solicitors and legal executives based in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire.


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