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Litigation, claims and dispute resolution


As litigation solicitors in Staffordshire, we specialise in commercial and property disputes and act for all types and sizes of businesses in the UK.

We offer advice on action to take in the early stages of a dispute to avoid costly legal proceedings which can include mediation as an alternative resolution.

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What is litigation?


Litigation is the process of taking an argument between people, businesses, or both, to court.

There can be a variety of litigation types such as commercial disputes, property disputes, personal injury claims, and many more.

When a person or entity believes that their legal rights have been violated, they can initiate a claim by filing a legal document outlining the details of the dispute. This document is known as a claim – see below for more details. The claim sets out the legal basis for the dispute and provides the opposing party with notice of the allegations.

Litigation can be a time-consuming process. Bowcock & Pursaill’s litigation team advises and guides you, always prioritising your best interests in every decision it makes.

What is a claim?


A claim refers to the formal document created by a person or entity against another. It is the assertion of a legal right or entitlement by the claimant, seeking a resolution from the court.  

In litigation law, a claim is initiated by filing a legal document outlining the details of the dispute and the relief. The claim sets out the legal basis for the dispute and provides the opposing party with notice of the allegations. The court should then evaluate the claim and evidence to decide on the merits of the case.  

What is dispute resolution?


Dispute resolution refers to the process of resolving a disagreement between individuals or businesses. Dispute resolution can refer to the solving of a claim inside or outside of a courtroom.  

We aim to help settle disputes before they get to court as that can be stressful, time-consuming and costly. Ideally, your time, energy and resources should be directed towards your work or personal life. If a commercial or property dispute is unavoidable, you should speak to a dispute resolution solicitor before things escalate.  

Taking disputes to court can often be avoided if addressed early. We use mediation, arbitration and litigation techniques to resolve disputes quickly and cost-effectively. It’s imperative we protect your reputation and enable you to achieve your commercial objectives by helping to find a successful resolution. 

As expert litigation lawyers, we support businesses whether they need to bring a claim or defend a claim. We offer advice and guidance no matter the complexity of the dispute. 


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