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Land registry is a set-in-stone document highlighting information about the ownership of a property or land, or both.

Registering land gives added security to property or landowners. Land registry, itself, gives the landowners a guaranteed title and a plan with indications of each property boundary.

There is a cost associated with the land registry process. There are also a few different factors which can influence the amount of money payable for the registration of land:

Registration of land in the UK has a range of advantages but there are three key ones.

Firstly, registering your land with HM Land Registry will give concrete proof of property ownership.

Having proper registration of your land and property also helps you to protect your estate from fraud. This might be against any third-party applications for the possession of your land – informally, “squatter rights”.

Finally, the registration of your land can make it considerably easier to sell or gift your property in the future.

Why does land registry matter?

Aside from the three key benefits mentioned above, registering your property adds clarity and certainty around your property.

Having the drawn-out plans of a property and its surroundings gives the owner a clear understanding of what is theirs.

This ensures that there’s a clear and certain knowledge of owned boundaries. It is important to make sure that the title plan and land registry match.

There can be complexities and confusion if a property is not registered when it comes to selling, as it can be difficult to prove who the legal owners are.

When selling an unregistered property, the owner must show a perfect chain of ownership for up to 20 years prior. It is possible to register voluntarily to the land register. This will give you proof of ownership.

If you have unregistered land on your property in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, we are here to help. Register your property today with the help of our friendly team of experts.

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