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We have now launched our Employer Protection Scheme – an all-inclusive package designed to give you protection from expensive Employment Tribunal claims – at a competitive fixed cost.

Official figures show since the abolition of Employment Tribunal fees in July 2017 the caseload had more than doubled, leaving employers increasingly exposed to the threat of claims and resulting in more administrative resources being allocated to prepare for tribunal hearings.

 Our Employer Protection Scheme gives you direct access to expert advice from our experienced employment solicitors, providing employers with guaranteed peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that they are compliant with legislation and, if required, insured against any Tribunal awards and legal costs.

Employment solicitor Clare Thomas explains: “The service we can provide is entirely different to these one-size-fits-all service providers, as it’s entirely tailored to what our client needs for their business and gives them face-to-face access with the employment team here.  We want to get to know your business so we can provide advice that meets your needs.

“As our Employer Protection Scheme is a fixed cost, it has proved extremely popular so far as clients feel reassured that they have access to day-to-day employment law advice and are reducing their exposure to a legal case being made against them.  This helps them to take a pro-active approach to managing their employees rather than shying away from difficult issues.

“Instead of waiting until a potential claim has arisen when legal costs can mount up quickly, employers using the service mitigate issues in the early stages – before they become costly. We can also ensure their employment contracts and day to day policies and procedures are legally compliant.

“The Employer Protection Scheme is useful to all businesses small or large.  It can complement an existing HR function to provide a useful legal sounding board, or it can assist smaller businesses who often do not have dedicated HR function.”

Interested in finding find out more about our Employer Protection Scheme? Contact Tim Wolley or Clare Thomas by calling 01782 200000 or email or


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