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Bowcock and Pursaill successfully supported the purchase of two companies which each operates separate care homes on the same day for long standing client Bishnu Khanal.

Working with Partner Catherine Whittles and the corporate and commercial property team has been nothing but positive for Mr Khanal for the past 13 years.

In 2011, Catherine and her team supported Mr Khanal’s acquisition of a care home and he hasn’t looked elsewhere for that service since.

Since appointing Bowcock and Pursaill to help with his commercial acquisitions, Mr Khanal has purchased five care homes. The most recent being two on the same day in November 2023.

Regarding his relationship with Bowcock and Pursaill, Mr Khanal said: “Catherine and her team are excellent. They always look after their commercial clients and have the best price on the market.

“It’s a big job to acquire two companies on the same day but her excellent team made sure the completion date was met.”

Bowcock and Pursaill also supported the acquisition of two other care homes for Mr Khanal, in 2015 and again in 2018.

Mr Khanal said: “because of the service they provide” he uses Bowcock and Pursaill for other legal requirements too.

He continued to say he always recommends Bowcock and Pursaill to other people and added: “The feedback I receive is always great and people are always equally as happy with the service.” 

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