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Maureen Middleton, PA to Partner Catherine Whittles, is embarking on a sponsored walk in honour of her close friend who has defied the odds after a terminal cancer diagnosis.

Maureen will be taking part in the Twilight Walk in Stockport on 7 February on behalf of her friend who has had incredible success with a Cancer Research clinical trial.

Maureen’s friend of 20 years was diagnosed with cancer, which rapidly developed to stage 4. After a year of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, he was told there was nothing more doctors could do, and he was expected to live between seven months and two years.

Following his devastating terminal diagnosis, he was then asked to take part in a Cancer Research clinical trial.

Maureen said: “My friend had to have two days of treatment every month, followed by tests. After three months, he was told his cancer was static, one month after that the treatment had reduced his cancer. Then just before Christmas he was told his cancer had reduced by 50% so he now does not have the limited time constraints originally put on him”

“I just think that so many people know about Cancer Research but they don’t ever get to see what the money actually does. His treatment cost approximately £15,000 each time. If he’s having that monthly for a year and he’s not the only one, that’s a lot of money.

“So he wanted to try and put some back in any way he could. Originally, he wanted to do the walk but even though he’s getting better, he’s not fit enough to take it on yet. So a group of his closest friends who have gone on this journey with him are doing it on his behalf. There’s three or four of us doing it.”

Although Maureen and her friends haven’t set a target they’re already at £1,000. She added: “It’s wonderful that people are willing to sponsor me. It’s the first time I have even thought about doing something like this but I’m just so close to it. We’re pleased with any donation big or small, even a pound helps!”.

Please visit this link to sponsor Maureen and her friends.

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