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What is it?

High Speed 2 (HS2) is a £55.7 billion government scheme to construct a new high-speed railway network connecting London, the West Midlands, Leeds and Manchester. It will mean journeys from Birmingham to Manchester will be halved in time, from 80 minutes to 40 minutes.
The line is being built through 45 miles of Staffordshire countryside, to the east of the Shropshire border, and the full extent of the route between Fradley and Crewe has been unveiled as part of HS2 Phase 2a. Construction is set to start in 2020/21
The line to Birmingham will open in 2026 and the full high-speed route is set to open by 2033.

Is my property on the route?

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What if my property is affected by HS2?

Hundreds of homeowners could be entitled to compensation if the government needs to use their land or property for HS2, under what is called statutory blight or under the exceptional hardship scheme. Government compensation packages have been announced but there are several factors which are taken into consideration, which is where our professional advice can help to ensure you are properly compensated.
What you are entitled to depends on the location of your property which the government has split into different zones and a safeguarded area. Those property owners closest to the line (generally 60 to 120 metres from the route) can serve a ‘Statutory Blight Notice’ which could enable them to sell their property to the government as its full unblighted market value, together with payment of reasonable expenses.
Property owners living further from the line (up to around 300 metres) but who are affected by HS2 may also eligible to make a claim, for example, property owners whose property value has been substantially affected by the announcement or whose property is damaged during construction. What you will receive will vary depending on your proximity to the route and making a successful claim can be tricky. We can help advise you on a potential claim.

What other disruption will HS2 cause?

Earlier this year it was revealed that construction vehicles will use the A525 to Woore, near Market Drayton, and there are concerns HS2 will site a construction depot in the village leading to increasing levels of traffic, noise and dirt. Similar plans for a construction depot near Stone have also been revealed, which has led to concerns that this could later be turned into a maintenance facility.
Meanwhile it is expected that lanes, bus routes and footpaths across Staffordshire could be closed, diverted or moved once work begins in the region.

Bowcock & Pursaill have 90 years of experience of working with landowners to ensure they receive any necessary works or compensation they deserve. If you believe your property is affected by HS2 contact us at or call 01538 399199.

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