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If you need advice on coping with relationship issues during lockdown or how to progress separation proceedings during lockdown, our family law specialist Lisa Cogger is here to share her guidance.

Many things can cause the breakdown of a relationship, but ultimately it comes down to a negative strain between family members.

We’ve seen increasing divorce rates across the globe as the effects of the coronavirus pandemic hit us all with demands on our mental, emotional and physical health.

Why are divorce rates increasing?

As record numbers of people have filed for a divorce throughout the pandemic it’s clear to see that many families have struggled to adapt with the new way of living.

Due to lockdown, families are facing long periods of time with each other, inside their homes with no escape from the unchartered emotions and tensions that are a result of social distancing, working from home and remote learning.

Coping with relationship issues during lockdown can be a challenge. As frustrations grow within the family home so do negative behaviours which can lead to partners feeling unhappy in their relationships while also being unable to easily leave their home.

How can relationship issues be managed during lockdown?

While in lockdown the team at Bowcock and Pursaill are open for telephone appointments, however the current restrictions can lead to delays in the divorce process.

There are steps a couple can take to try and overcome their issues such as relationship education programs to help improve communication skills or more intensive support like couples’ therapy which can take place online. Couples can also explore collaborative law as an option.

Studies have found that if families are experiencing stressors such as financial hardship or housing instability they may encounter a breakdown in the home but support to overcome these problems can help the family get back on track with healthy, happy relationships.

Unfortunately, even the lifting of restrictions may not help some couples conquer their disagreement. This will depend on their existing vulnerabilities and the way they handle conflict between each other.

What’s the next step?

At Bowcock & Pursaill we understand that a breakdown in a relationship can affect multiple family members. Our highly trained team are experienced in delivering sympathetic and supportive advice as they work with you to reach an amicable and satisfactory solution to your situation.

We understand this can be a particularly anxious and distressing time especially with the pressure of legal fees adding unnecessary stress. That’s why we offer a range of fixed-fee services with a transparent pricing structure protecting you from hidden costs.

Our fixed fee ‘Lend a Legal Hand’ service enables you to tailor our service and experience full control of your costs from the outset. This is because we believe everyone has the right to affordable and accessible legal representation that delivers a satisfactory resolution in an agreed timescale with excellent standards of client care.

If you need more advice on coping with relationship issues during lockdown or resolving your family separation amicably and quickly, we can help you. Contact our experienced team to arrange a convenient COVID-secure appointment via telephone.

Call us on 01538 370830 to find out how we can help.

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