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On average, most working people stay in one job for up to five years before moving on to the next. However, here at Bowcock & Pursaill we are something of an anomaly, and collectively our experienced staff have been with our firm for an incredible 297 years!

Many work anniversaries and milestones have come and gone for the workforce here at Bowcock & Pursaill, with 11 of our employees well over the 10-year mark.

The longest standing member of our team is Carol White, who has recently celebrated her 46th work anniversary.

Based in Leek, Carol has been a legal secretary to four of our partners, most recently, Ian Naylor. She said: “I’ve been here for 46 years because I like my job and the people I work with. Ian Naylor has always made sure we’re a forward thinking firm and we push forward with new technologies before most other solicitors.

“I have enjoyed being here, I like the work and it’s very varied, no two days are ever the same.”

Liz Dale isn’t far behind with 40 years under her belt. A legal secretary in our Conveyancing team based at our Leek office, Liz has enjoyed her job for the past four decades. She said: “The people here are what has made me stay. We have a great family atmosphere and there’s always been a good rapport between the staff and the partners. They’re very supportive, not just in work but with your personal life too and have always made sure it’s a good place to work. I’ve always worked for good people who have supported me if I wanted to do any training and I don’t think I’ll ever work anywhere else now.”

Partner, Ian Naylor said: “We have a great deal of opportunities for progression at Bowcock & Pursaill and understand the importance of both personal and professional growth. We’re proud of our staff retention levels and that we’ve created a workplace that inspires loyalty, which in return is always rewarded.”

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