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Employment Law Newsletter November 2023

Consultation for Acas new Code of Practice Acas has released a consultation regarding a fresh statutory Code of Practice concerning the management of requests for a predictable work schedule. This code will be implemented once the Workers (Predictable Terms and Conditions) Act of 2023 is officially enacted. Following the enactment of the Workers (Predictable Terms and Conditions) Act 2023, expected to take effect around September 2024, Acas has initiated a consultation on a new statutory Code of Practice governing requests for predictable working patterns. This Act establishes a statutory right for workers and agency workers to request a predictable work...

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B&P wear it pink!

The Bowcock & Pursaill team celebrated Wear it Pink Day on 20 October to raise awareness for breast cancer. Between the offices we raised over £200 – here’s some photos from our Uttoxeter office with a special shout out to Kay Johnson who has just undergone surgery for breast cancer and returned back to work on the same day as the fundraiser. Kay is pictured ringing her own bell that was brought for her as a congratulations.

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Employment Law Newsletter August 2023

BSI publishes new standard on menstruation, menstrual health, and menopause in the workplace The British Standards Institute (BSI) has published a new standard on menstruation, menstrual health, and menopause in the workplace – Menopause standard launched to help organizations support workers | BSI ( Designed following an extensive public consultation and in conjunction with major employment organisations such as Acas and Unison, the report’s aim is to help employers support and retain employees experiencing issues connected to menstruation or the menopause. EAT rules on calculating accrued but untaken statutory holiday following termination of employment Connor v Chief Constable of the...

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Caroline Gregg joins B&P team

Family law specialist Caroline Gregg has permanently joined our team. With more than 20 years of experience in family law and as an associate member of the Institute of Chartered Legal Executives, Caroline has now started her new role as Head of the Family and Matrimonial Department. Through her career, Caroline has negotiated a range of legal issues from marriage breakdown to divorce, and financial disputes to child matters. As a member of Resolution, Caroline is committed to a particularly high standard Code of Practice and promotes a constructive approach to the family issues. Prior to the new full-time role...

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Protecting Your Employee’s Mental Health

Protecting Your Employees’ Mental Health In today’s fast-paced, highly digitalised, and demanding work environment, protecting the mental health of employees has become a top priority for many law firms. The significant impact of mental well-being on productivity, engagement, and overall job satisfaction, is now well-established. In addition, employees are demanding more mental health support and employers are increasingly facing the threat of legal claims if a lack of support leads to harm. For example, at the beginning of June, The Law Society Gazette revealed that the Employment Tribunal is allowing more time for a claim brought by a mother on behalf of...

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What is land registry when buying a house?

Land registry is a set-in-stone document highlighting information about the ownership of a property or land, or both. Registering land gives added security to property or landowners. Land registry, itself, gives the landowners a guaranteed title and a plan with indications of each property boundary. There is a cost associated with the land registry process. There are also a few different factors which can influence the amount of money payable for the registration of land: Cost of the property First registration New build Electronic or postal Registration of land in the UK has a range of advantages but there are...

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What is residential conveyancing? A guide for beginners

Residential conveyancing is a term you have probably heard if you’re in the process of buying or selling a property. The term residential conveyancing refers to the legal process behind transferring the ownership of a property. It refers to the many different aspects of the process from property searches to contract exchanges. Talk to one of our residential conveyancing experts today What are the different steps in residential conveyancing? The different sections of residential conveyancing can be put into six main categories: 1 Pre-contract At this point, after getting an agreement in principle for a mortgage, solicitors from both the...

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Employment Law Newsletter May 2023

Acas publishes new advice on workplace stress management and guidance on reasonable adjustments for mental health Following a recent survey, Acas has issued fresh guidance on managing stress at work. One-third of employees do not believe their workplace has a suitable stress-management policy and 63% feel under pressure from the rising cost of living. The Acas advice sets out the many causes of workplace stress, such as too many or conflicting demands, poor working conditions, lack of control, lack of support, bullying, insufficient training, lack of role clarity, low trust, or organisational change. Personal circumstances including bereavement, divorce, menopause, caring...

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Why is health and safety everyone’s responsibility?

Why is health and safety everyone’s responsibility? Under health and safety law, the primary responsibility for health and safety in the workplace is down to employers. But health and safety in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility. While employers have primary responsibility for all health and safety matters, all employees play a crucial role in preventing accidents and work-related illness. Employees have a duty to take care of their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their actions at work. Employees must co-operate with employers and co-workers to help everyone meet their legal requirements. No employer can...

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