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Leaving the EU – what this means for employers and workers

The UK left the EU at 11pm on Saturday 31 January. The implementation period is until 31st December. During this time the Government will negotiate with the EU. But what does this mean for employers and workers? Employers can still hire EU workers because they continue to have the right to work here; EU nationals have until June 2021 to apply for settled status.

Much of our employment law comes from the EU: working time, holiday pay, maternity rights, discrimination…

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One in eight of women in the workforce is over 50

Women over 50 in the workplace
By 2022 this will be one in six. Does your organisation have a menopause policy, or a menopause or wellbeing champion? Many women will have perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms that affect their work: for one in three the symptoms are severe. These range from difficulty sleeping and tiredness, to anxiety and panic attacks. If a worker does not get the help and support they need, they can become ill, lose confidence in their work…

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Harmless fun and banter, or workplace harassment

Harassment can blight the lives of workers and wreck their careers. It can also land employers in hot water because they are responsible for ensuring workers do not face harassment: they must take reasonable steps to protect their workers – or be liable for the harassment

No workplace is immune to harassment. Sadly many reports of harassment are met with threats to the victim, disciplinary hearings and dismissals, comments that they are “over sensitive”. And did you know that something can…

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Ethical Veganism – a concern for employers

There are nine protected characteristics under the Equality Act: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation; it’s unlawful to discriminate against them. In the workplace this means care must be taken with recruitment, terms and conditions, pay and benefits, promotions and training, dismissal and redundancy.

The Employment Tribunal recently looked at ethical veganism. Is it philosophical belief deserving protected status? Environmental concerns are soaring up the agenda: veganism…

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What’s new in April 2020?

In April 2020 there are many changes coming regarding employment law. Clare Thomas, Solicitor at Bowcock and Pursaill is current helping many clients to prepare for the changes in employment law that lie ahead. Here she looks at what you should be considering and what the possible impact could be on businesses.
Changes to the use of Agency Workers
The Swedish Derogation is an exemption from the equal treatment principle as regards pay where agency workers have a permanent employment…

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Why it’s important to address uninsured risks on a commercial property

Most commercial property leases provide for the landlord to insure their building so in the event of any damage insurance covers the cost of repair or replacement. However, issues arise where damage is caused by an uninsured risk which raises the question – who should foot the bill? Our commercial property specialist Joy Hancock explains.

While building insurance usually means the tenant is not responsible for the cost of repairing damage covered by the policy, The Code for Leasing Business Premises…

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Commercial property leases and ‘contracting-out’

Unless specific steps are taken prior to completion of a lease of business premises, a tenant usually has an automatic right to renew their tenancy under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 (or the ‘1954 Act’). Our commercial property specialist Joy Hancock explains how this right can be excluded from new leases through a provision known as ‘contracting out’.

By contracting out, the parties agree to take the lease outside of the automatic renewal rights as afforded to a tenant…

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Taking on a commercial lease? Advice for tenants from our commercial property team

Taking on a commercial premises for the first time – or moving up into a larger property – can be a huge step for any business, bringing with it a raft of financial and health and safety commitments which all need to be taken into consideration.
Scrutinising the lease you agree as a tenant is key as it can affect how your business can operate. It will help you avoid being hit with unexpected costs in the future which you hadn’t…

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Preserving your assets for the next generation using a Trust

A trust is a way of managing assets such as money, investments, land or buildings for other people. Each type of trust is taxed differently, affecting liabilities such as Income Tax (IT), Capital Gains Tax (CGT) or Inheritance Tax (IHT). Our trust and tax planning specialist Ian Naylor explains how they can be used to ensure how assets are passed from one generation to another.

 You can create a Trust during your lifetime, or through your will, and there are…

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Contracts of employment – how to get it right

Employment contracts continue to make headlines due to debates around zero hours contracts, the ‘gig’ economy and the national minimum wage. Our employment solicitor Clare Thomas explains the common mistakes employers make when it comes to employment contracts.

Key issues with employment contracts:

There is no written contract!
Poorly written/drafted
Contractual or non-contractual provisions
Contracts are altered incorrectly
Post termination restrictions are excessive or vague

There is no written statement

An employer must provide a written statement within…

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Thinking of offering horse livery at your farm?

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Termination of employment during furlough

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