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Mind the Gender Pay Gap

Employment Law legislation is constantly evolving, and never more so than in these post-pandemic times. As from 5 October 2021 enforcement action will be taken against employers who fail to report their gender pay gap information for the year 2020/21. Here is all you need to know…

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) usually require all public and private companies to report their Gender Pay Gap by April. However, during the coronavirus pandemic the EHRC offered a…

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This newsletter covers:

Social Media
No Jab, No Job
Discrimination & Hypersensitivity
UK Right to Work
Hybrid Working

Social Media

Can your social media posts get you into trouble at work? You may have heard that England lost the 2020 Euro final 3-2 on penalties. Heart breaking – but then the racist tweets began. Arrests have followed and a high-profile estate agents suspended an alleged racist tweeter.

Does your organisation have a social media policy?
Doubling down on privacy…

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Planning a Pre or Post Nuptial Agreement

The coronavirus pandemic forced thousands of couples to reschedule their wedding plans. However, nuptials are now back on the agenda for many, and a post-pandemic wedding boom sees much excitement as ceremonies are re-planned.

Caught up in the excitement of the moment, having conversations about money and the future outcomes of your marriage may not seem high on the agenda. However, entering into an agreement to protect yourself can be a shrewd move in many situations.

Pre or…

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Post-Covid Tax Planning

With a three-day weekend on the horizon and most of the home DIY accomplished during lockdowns maybe it’s prime opportunity to take time out to plan your finances? Here, we offer some factors to consider in the wake of the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has rocked environments for both individuals and businesses alike. Where some businesses have prospered, those working in industries such as hospitality and leisure industries have suffered a considerable loss of income. Whatever your precise…

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Buying and Selling Property in a Post-pandemic Market

Currently, the UK property market is enjoying a boom, with house prices rising by 10% year on year. But what does the post-pandemic world mean for buyers, sellers, and homeowners as COVID-19 regulations are lifted?

July 2021 was an incredibly significant month, triggering the start of almost all COVID-19 restrictions being lifted.

Government statistics estimate there were 198,240 residential property transactions in June 2021, 219.1% higher than June 2020, and 74.1% higher than in…

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Discrimination at Work

What is workplace discrimination?
If you think you may be experiencing unfair treatment at work, it’s wise to seek expert legal advice on next steps. Targeted legal help will offer you clarity and support to make an informed decision about your future direction.

The Equality Act 2010 protects employees with ‘protected characteristics’ from unfair treatment. These protected characteristics include gender, marital status, gender reassignment, pregnancy, maternity, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief and age.

In the workplace there…

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This newsletter covers:

Working from Home
Fire and Rehire
Gig Economy
Sleep ins
Line of Duty?

Working from Home
The popularity of remote working is on the rise but there are pitfalls for both employer and worker.

The Office for National Statistics in its report Homeworking hours, rewards and opportunities in the UK: 2011 to 2020found that 35.9 percent of the UK workforce worked some of their time at home in 2020, an increase of 9.4 percent over…

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Six Simple Steps to Successful Will Planning

Will Planning – what to consider
Are you looking at Will planning or thinking of what to include in your Will? This month (10 – 16 May) is Dying Matters Awareness Week, when organisations and individuals open up the conversation surrounding death, dying and bereavement. Having an up-to-date and valid Will in place ensures your life legacy is dealt with in the manner you would wish upon the event of your passing. It will protect loved ones and assets and…

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Employment Law Changes for April

Employment law is ever-changing. While businesses continue to deal with the impact of coronavirus, HR professionals should ensure compliance with the raft of new legislation which comes into force this month.

Our useful checklist is here to help with employment law changes in April:
Review IR35 contracts in the private sector
Delayed by a year due to the pandemic, the reform of these off-payroll working rules was actioned as of 6 April. Some rules already apply to all…

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10 good reasons to make a Will

A Will is probably one of the most important documents you can have. And it’s the only way to make sure that your assets are shared according to your wishes after your death.

Here’s 10 reasons why making a Will is a good idea:

It’s the only way you can choose what happens with your estate – this includes any property you own, finance and possessions. If you don’t have a Will it might mean that the…

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Mind the Gender Pay Gap

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