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When it comes to buying a house at auction it is a case of buyer beware.

But with interest rates remaining largely unchanged, more and more people are turning to property as a long term investment and source of a future pension, rather than putting their money into a bank or building society.

This, coupled with a rise in the rental market due to the difficulty for young buyers to secure a mortgage, is making snapping up a ‘bargain’ at auction an altogether more attractive prospect.

But is it possible to really grab a bargain? Ian Naylor, a partner here at Bowcock & Pursaill offers his advice to buyers braving the hammer.

Ian says: “The same rules apply before you buy at auction as with a more traditional house purchase and doing your research is key, because once the hammer falls at auction that is a legally binding contract.

“It really does pay dividends to do your research and get a pair of legal eyes to go through the paperwork. Most firms will negotiate a staged price for scrutinising the pack and then for completion of the purchase afterwards. They can give you a report which means you know what you’re letting yourself in for when you go into the auction room.”

Before you buy an auction property

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