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Should I meet my solicitor before deciding to hire them?

We are always willing to meet with potential clients to discuss transactions or to talk to them by telephone prior to receiving instructions.

How often will you update me on progress?

We will keep you updated on progress at all relevant stages of any particular transaction, and you can find email addresses and mobile phone numbers for individual solicitors on our website.

How do you charge? Is it done on an hourly basis or a fixed fee for the work involved?

Our charges vary depending upon the type of work we are undertaking for you and the complexity of the transaction. Before finalising our costs we will always discuss the various options with you and outline a clear structure as to how our fees are billed.

When must I pay my bill and can I pay in instalments? Can I pay by cheque?

When we agree a retainer and fee structure with you we will also discuss payment dates. Generally speaking, bills are payable on completion of simple transactions such as wills or conveyancing, whereas other more long running matters, for example litigation (disputes) will be charged as time progresses, potentially on a monthly basis. We will always discuss payment options and payment structures and you can pay by cheque, bank transfer or credit card.

Are there any steps I can take to keep my costs down?

Be well prepared and have a clear idea of the outcome you seek to achieve, and remember to bring all relevant paperwork with you before attending a meeting with your solicitor as this will help to cut down the amount of time needed by our lawyers and so help to reduce your costs. Many matters we undertake for clients are charged on a time basis and therefore each time there is contact with us e.g. by telephone, letter or email, this will be charged for.

Will I need to visit the offices?

We are always happy to see people at our offices but very often transactions can be dealt with by post, email and telephone if necessary. If, for some reason, you are unable to visit our offices and a meeting is necessary we can also arrange home visits.

Will I have one point of contact for my case throughout the process?

We do always try to ensure that a client has one particular point of contact throughout the entire process. Obviously colleagues will step in to cover sickness or holiday absences where necessary and if applicable, different colleagues will assist at different points in the transaction but you will always have a principal person to contact who will be aware of progress on your case.

What happens if my solicitor is off sick or on holiday and I have an urgent query?

We have four offices and a depth and breadth of cover which means we can ensure that somebody is available to cover any holiday or sickness absences or an urgent enquiry which arises if your usual solicitor is not available.

Is there parking at all of your offices?

Our Leek office in St Edward Street has dedicated parking situated directly behind it as does our Hanley office in Ridgehouse Drive. Our Uttoxeter office in Carter Street is situated close to public car parks at Uttoxeter Leisure Centre, Trinity Road and The Maltings. At our Eccleshall office in Stafford Street there is a public car park behind the Co-Op.

Disabled Access

Disabled access is available at our Hanley, Uttoxeter and Eccleshall offices. Where necessary we will visit clients in their own home.

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