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Employment law retainers

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Employment law solicitors can help your business with a variety of legislative and legal issues. Smaller companies may not have the capacity to set up their own legal divisions and so would benefit from having support on hand from an external source. Gaining experienced insight and guidance into employment law can be crucial in ensuring that your business remains up to date and compliant with all legislation.

Collaborating with Bowcock & Pursaill for all your employment law requirements allows you to consider us as an extension of your business for all your employment needs. Bowcock & Pursaill are a friendly, local team supporting businesses across the Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire areas.

If you’re looking for employment law solicitors, having local support is invaluable to businesses. When we work with you on a regular basis it enables us to develop a deep understanding of your company and build meaningful relationships, which helps us deliver the bigger picture for you. This means we can support your long term goals, offering guidance to achieve them.

With Bowcock & Pursaill employment law retainers you will benefit from:

  • A point of contact for all day-to-day employment law questions
  • Updates on new requirements, including flexible working
  • Regular contract / handbook / policy updates
  • Support with performance management, sickness absence and discrimination issues
  • Advice when handling grievances from employees
  • Assistance with drafting letters to employees
  • And much more…

If your business would benefit from employment law support, particularly with the new regulations that come into effect in 2024, please contact our Employment Law specialist, Clare Thomas today.

Retaining the support of employment law solicitors like Clare is key to successful business growth. Clare is experienced in all employment law issues and provides strong and pragmatic advice, tailored to suit the needs of her clients.

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