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Bowcock & Pursaill’s Eccleshall-based solicitors provide some of the very best legal advice for you, your family and your business.

We have a reputation for specialising in tax planningtrustswealth managementresidentialagricultural and commercial property and commercial services.

Our legal teams provide all the services you would expect from a modern, progressive law firm.

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Having started as an office junior at Bowcock & Pursaill and worked my way up there isn’t an aspect of law I’m not familiar with and I can tailor my approach to meet whatever a particular client needs.

Heather Reynolds

Why should I make a will today?

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Your will is probably the most important document you’ll ever have to make. What’s more, it’s the only way to make sure that your assets are shared in line with your wishes after your death.

land registry

A guide to buying and selling land

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Buying and selling land affects a lot of people from investors to farmers. In our guide, we explore lost deeds, title deeds, unregistered land and much more.

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