It is important to make a Will as this ensures that your assets are disposed of in accordance with your wishes, thus helping to secure the future for your family and their dependents .

Not doing so means that the rules governing the disposal of your assets may vary significantly from what you would wish.

Our specialist team has comprehensive knowledge and experience in this area and offers advice which is tailored to the individual needs of their clients. They can act as executors of a will which ensures that the administration of an estate is carried out in an impartial manner that saves time and reduces costs.

A will can be a simple or complex affair which may include structures to preserve assets thereby saving Inheritance Tax. We will discuss the benefits of a will structure which can then be put in place to achieve your wishes.

This is particularly important for someone who owns a business and requires advice about passing on company shares and assets to the next generation.

We would recommend that a will is reviewed every five years due to changes in circumstances or tax legislation.


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