Powers of Attorney

Our specialist team has a broad range of knowledge and expertise which they use to advise their clients about matters related to lasting powers of attorney (LPA). There are two types of LPA; one covers property and financial affairs and the other covers health and welfare.

A lasting power of attorney is needed when someone has lost the mental capacity to handle their own affairs. However, it can also be used where someone would find it convenient for another person to have authority to act on their behalf. It‘s use is not confined to care of mental incapacity. The person who authorises the attorney to act on their behalf is known as a donor.

We understand the difficulties which can be caused by the need for an LPA and handle each case with sensitivity and understanding. We provide a tailored service to clients who wish to appoint an attorney and discuss all matters pertaining to this to enable them to make an informed decision. Common issues include choosing an attorney or attorneys, registering an LPA, and cancelling an LPA.