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Death in the digital age and protecting your assets

As states across the USA pass laws to clarify what internet companies can release after someone dies, a Staffordshire solicitor is calling for everyone to consider their digital legacy and to document it for their loved ones.

From social media to bank statements, most of our personal data is in digital form. As our digital legacy grows larger dealing with death in the digital age has and will become more complex, says Wills and Probate Associate Solicitor Tim Bailey of…

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Things you need to know about Farming & Agricultural divorce

Farming families need to think about their divorce settlement in a very different way when it is the farm that is at stake rather than simply the family home.

Farms are very specialised businesses and it is important to have the right quality of legal advice. This will save you time and money in the long term.

This is because:

Farms are income light and capital heavy – the value of the land and property can be substantial compared with the…

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Businesses advised to review contracts ahead of Government changes to employment rules

Staffordshire solicitors Bowcock & Pursaill are advising business owners to review their employment contracts ahead of Government changes which specify where and how employees can work when they leave a business.

The consultation has been sparked by concerns that non-compete clauses, often written into employment contracts and used to prevent a former employee from setting up as, or working for, a competitor, are acting as a barrier to innovation.

The possible removal of these legal protections is already causing…

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Farmers cash in spare land for development as local authorities struggle to meet housing demand

Staffordshire farmers are capitalising on the national shortage of housing by offering their land up for development.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires Councils to have a five year supply of deliverable housing sites at any one time, and in Staffordshire this has led to a steady increase in farmers offering plots of land for potential development as the county tries to meet its quota.

Catherine Whittles, a partner here at  Bowcock & Pursaill who have offices across Staffordshire…

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We support the historic Eccleshall Festival

Solicitors Bowcock & Pursaill are encouraging festival-goers to dress to impress at the Eccleshall Festival which this year marks the Queen’s 90th birthday.

The festival runs from Saturday (June 18th) until Sunday June 26th, with a popular highlight being the Victorian Street Market on Saturday June 25th where the firm are sponsoring the fancy dress trophy.

Festival co-ordinator Peter Jones, said this year’s Festival was particularly special due to its Royal theme, with hanging baskets, mangers…

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No-fault divorce bill will end the blame game

FAMILY solicitors are eagerly awaiting the outcome of a Parliamentary bill which would allow couples to divorce solely through the written consent of both parties.

Lisa Cogger, a family and matrimonial solicitor at Bowcock & Pursaill Solicitors who have offices in Uttoxeter, Leek, Eccleshall and Hanley, said the no-fault divorce bill was a ‘much welcomed reform’ which was ‘long overdue’ to make divorce a more amicable process.
Current divorce law requires a party to apply for dissolution of their…

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