Event rider takes competition to the next level

In 2017 we began sponsoring up and coming Derby event rider Danielle Meehan to support her in her quest to compete at the very top level of this very challenging equine competition.

Eventing tests both horse and rider across every level as it incorporates show jumping, cross country and dressage, and can be run as a one-day or a three-day event, the most popularly known ones being Badminton and Burghley.

Last year Danielle was competing at novice level, but this year moves up into the intermediate category with her three horses, which will see fence sizes jump from 1.10 metres to 1.20 metres and having to be completed in faster times.

Danielle said: “I am aiming to complete 2* events with my own horse Lilly, and I will be riding two others for owners Bill and Lorna Walker. One of these horses will be working towards completing 2* also, the other is a 4-year-old starting its eventing career.

“I am very excited to have had this opportunity of riding these lovely horses this season. The sponsorship by Bowcock and Pursaill is a huge help towards my entry fees which increase as you move up the ranks, so I am so grateful for Bowcock & Pursaill’s continued help and support.”

Sponsoring Danielle Meehan is a good fit for Bowcock & Pursaill as we have a reputation for specialising in equine and agricultural law issues for clients across Staffordshire, Derbyshire and the UK.

Catherine Whittles, our equine specialist solicitor, said: “Danielle has done incredibly well to progress from Novice 1* level up to intermediate 2* as this is a big leap for both horse and rider in terms of what it demands.

“We wish her lots of success with her new horses and with Lilly and I’ll be keeping a keen eye on her progress this year. Danielle’s definitely one to watch.”

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