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Worker, self-employed or employee? And why it’s important for employers

How does the law define being self-employed?

A self-employed person will run their own business and take responsibility for the success of the business. Self-employed people are more likely to be contracted to provide a service for a client and will not be paid through PAYE.

Ultimately only a court or employment tribunal can make a final decision on someone’s employment status. Someone can still be classed as an ’employee’ or ‘worker’ even when they are…

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A summer of county shows for B&P

A sunny county show, bustling with people, livestock, trailers, trade stands and show rings is a quintessential English summer scene for many.

The county show season is well underway and B&P are proud to be on board as sponsors, attending some fantastic rural events on the horizon…

B&P are thrilled to be sponsors at Shropshire’s best one-day show when it returns on Saturday, 14th July. The Newport Show brings together the best in the…

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How to buy a house at auction – top tips

When it comes to buying a house at auction it is a case of buyer beware.

But with interest rates remaining largely unchanged, more and more people are turning to property as a long term investment and source of a future pension, rather than putting their money into a bank or building society.

This, coupled with a rise in the rental market due to the difficulty for young buyers to secure a mortgage, is making snapping up a ‘bargain’ at…

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Dress codes and sex discrimination – why is dress code significant?

Why is dress code significant? It can present the professional image of a business, or provide consistency, or can be important for health and safety. But it’s also a minefield in terms of discrimination.

In 2016 receptionist Nicola Thorp was sent home on her first day of work at a corporate finance company in the City of London because she refused to wear shoes with two to four inch high heels. She launched an online petition calling for the…

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Is the writing on the wall for zero hours contracts?

With unemployment at its lowest levels since the mid-1970s, is the writing on the wall for zero hours contracts? Here our employment specialist Tim Wolley looks at this contentious issue.

On 23 April the Office for National Statistics (ONS) released figures showing that in November 2017 there were 1.8 million zero hours contracts, being six per cent of all employment contracts. This is an increase of about six per cent over the previous November, and at the same…

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How far can employers go in monitoring their employees?

With news of Chinese workers wearing wristbands and helmets to monitor their brainwaves for fatigue, our employment and disputes specialist Tim Wolley, guides you through the law relating to the monitoring of employees.

In 2017, Three Square Market, a vending machine company in Wisconsin, started to microchip its employees. The device, the size of a grain of rice, was placed in the hand, and did away with computer logins and security door passwords.

But how far can employers go in…

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Are agricultural and business property reliefs at threat?

The publication of a HMRC report into inheritance tax reliefs and exemptions, followed by a request to the Office of Tax Simplification by chancellor Philip Hammond to review the IHT regime, show that the government clearly has the tax regime in their sights. Here our tax planning specialist Ian Naylor explains why agricultural and business property reliefs are under threat and why there’s never been a better time to review your tax situation.

“HMRC has published a paper on…

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Look before you leap into home improvements


Thinking of tackling those large home improvement jobs during the holidays? You’re not alone.

Nearly a third of UK homeowners will carry out work on their home in the next three years with up to £6 billion in projected works planned over the next three years.

According to a study from the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) over a million homeowners (1,050,000) are looking to build extra space to accommodate grown up children who can’t…

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Plan for your future now by making a Will and Lasting Power of Attorney

Talking to our families about what we want to happen to us or our belongings if we couldn’t make decisions anymore isn’t easy. However, one person develops dementia every three minutes, and these conversations become a lot more difficult once these situations strike if things haven’t been sorted out first.
Without a will, did you know…

You have no way of ensuring what you want to happen to your assets when you die will happen
Married or…

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New Year New Rules – GDPR and your business

May 25 2018 will mark a major divide in how businesses handle user data. This is because on this day, a new data protection bill, namely the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will take full effect.

While it may seem like another legal formality, it is anything but and it will still apply after Brexit.

What’s the story?

The new GDPR regulations will widen the definition of personal data. Any information relating to a person or data subject…

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Change of planning rules for farm buildings and housing conversions

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